Mirrored Infinity Rooms in New York

photo: Delissa Handoko

“In Infinity Mirrored Room, hundreds of multicolored LED lights, suspended at different heights and dangling from floor to ceiling, transform a room into what feels like eternity. The cube-shaped, mirror-paneled room has a shallow reflecting pool as its floor and the lights flicker on and off in a strobe-like effect.”

“In Love is Calling, a darkened, mirrored room is illuminated by inflatable, tentacle-like forms—covered in the artist’s characteristic polka dots—that extend from the floor and ceiling, gradually changing colors. Not only is this a visual experience, it’s an auditory one, too. A sound recording of Kusama reciting a love poem in Japanese plays continuously. This installation was shown in Tokyo earlier this year as part of a group exhibition but it ‘s the very first time it’s been shown in the United States.”

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Photo: Thomas Welch

Photo: Daniel (danhollis6767)


Photo: Brooklyn Architect

Photo: ae_jones

Photo: Brooklyn Architect


Photo: Jess Gardner


Photo: Brooklyn Architect


Photo: Josef Pinlac


Photo: jessieeeeeeeeee

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