Want to hear something magical?

Listen to the lovely orchestra of crickets singing at human speed

Experimental director and playwright, Robert Wilson, caught a hauntingly beautiful piece of music one night, a recording of crickets.
That part is common enough, but then he stretched out the sound as much as one would have to stretch the life of a cricket to equal that of a human, and the result is truly wonderful.

The original recording dates back to a CD released in 1992 by Jim Wilson called God’s Cricket Chorus, portions of which ended up in a song from the same year called Ballad of the Twisted Hair, which Wilson produced.

Full story at SoundCloud via Earth Touch. Additional information at Hearing Voices,ScienceBlogsChange the Life Channel.

image by eva-sangnoir

I’m speechless.

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4 Responses to Want to hear something magical?

  1. Marthafied says:

    Oddly soothing….its almost as if they are chanting…

  2. ellareki says:

    Utterly beautiful, ethereal and spine-tingling!

  3. wow… this sounds awesome

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    You have to hear this… this is haunting and amazing

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