Mony (aka kaiser-mony)

We Are the Lotus Kids by kaiser-monyWe Are the Lotus Kids

“I’m an art student who’s head is always in the clouds.
I’m also a huge dork that geeks over many things. I still have so much to learn when it comes to art! Feel free to critique my stuff, I don’t mind. I have a long way ahead of me :)” Mony

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Lotus Lion by kaiser-monyLotus Lion

Fear and Loathing by kaiser-monyFear and Loathing

La Senal by kaiser-monyLa Senal

Hopeless Wanderer by kaiser-monyHopeless Wanderer

Lovers and a Fat Cat by kaiser-monyLovers and a Fat Cat

Reflection by kaiser-monyReflection

The Magician by kaiser-monyThe Magician

King and Lionheart by kaiser-monyKing and Lionheart

Time Decreases by kaiser-monyTime Decreases

Sunrise by kaiser-monySunrise

Within by kaiser-monyWithin

Reach for the Stars by kaiser-monyReach for the Stars

Desecration Smile by kaiser-monyDesecration Smile

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2 Responses to Mony (aka kaiser-mony)

  1. Samar says:

    unique style and color. Cool stuff.

  2. These took my breath away, the color and texture interactions are amazing! These show off the wonderful possibilities of a digital medium 🙂

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