Organic Milk in Stitch Milk Soap Popsicle by Ahhaproject

Based in Munich and Seoul the Ahhaproject company creates products
and services that are synergistic with client’s needs.
The collection of Stitch Milk soap is produced for organic baby brand “Stich Bears”. All the soaps are made of organic ingredients which are produced under strict quality control by Ahhaproject. Each essence oil has stimulating effect on the baby skin, such as relieves atopy, ease itch and moisturize skin.


the soap uses organic goats’ milk powder from new zealand for its main ingredient


the wooden stick of the popsicle form is easy for small hands to grab onto in the shower


the soap has a mild character and soft, melting feeling to touch

stitch soap, avocado

stitch soap, camellia

stitch soap, jojoba

stitch soap, calendula

all images courtesy of ahhaproject

via [designboom]

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  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    This soap looks amazing!

    – KW

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