Brian Mashburn

01 Brian Mashburn

“The growth of cities, industry, and urban populations has entered a state of perpetual velocity, with untold implications for both natural and social geographies.  Consequent states of excess, alienation, degradation, and serenity bleed together in Brian Mashburn‘s meticulous oil paintings of gothic beauty.  Between grandeur and the grotesque, he presents post-apocalyptic visions of the modern world where nature, culture, and industry engage in an ambivalent endgame.  With the delicate touch of 19th century German Romantic painters (like Caspar David Friedrich), Mashburn creates complex, but exquisitely rendered spaces where trees, clouds, spires, and solemn figures negotiate a proliferating maze of telephone poles, smokestacks, and carcasses of the Industrial Age.  Painting with what he calls, “the soul of a hopeless romantic and the dark humor of a cynic,” Mashburn channels hallucinatory states of a bleak, yet sublime future.”

Steven Matijcio
Curator of Contemporary Art, SECCA

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2 Responses to Brian Mashburn

  1. TommySW says:

    Wow. I stopped trying to perfect depicting clouds some time ago. Some serious inspiration to get back on it here though.

  2. oolung says:

    Very gothic. Kind of makes me think of The Hound of Baskerville 🙂

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