the Collage artist Meghan Stratman

“I make art because I want to create characters and tell stories. Each piece is a little vignette, like a frame from a film or a comic-book panel. I am drawn to stories and lore in all forms – books, movies, video games, theatre, myths, and urban legends. Recurring subjects in my art include ghosts, girls, monsters, and animals, and themes of friendship and loneliness. I like to include bright colors and a sense of humor in my art and enjoy combining elements to humorous effect, such as badgers sporting fezzes or weasels wearing rocket packs. I am also drawn to urban decay, abandoned places, and ghost stories: people and places that are lost and forgotten. My art world is populated with secretive, isolated girls and silly creatures that may or may not be wearing space helmets. I create my work with cut, layered paper, which allows for a sense of texture and dimensionality.”

Meghan Stratman

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Today’s Secret Word


“Give Her The Right Look, The Right Boyfriend, and Bam. In Six Weeks She’s Being Named Prom Queen.”




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  1. ellareki says:

    Meghan’s work is utterly magical and has given me a serious case of talent-envy!

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