Bigar Waterfall, Romania

“Just shy of 8 metres (≈26 ft) tall, Bigar Waterfall sits nestled away in the Anina Mountains in Western Romania. Fed by the Mini River, the Bigar Waterfall is engulfed in green moss and eroded into a unique stone formation which gives it an exclusive appearance that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. As water trickles down the dome-like waterfall, serenity is easy to come by and one oftentimes finds himself or herself admiring water in a whole new perspective.

Many of us have seen the vast roaring of the oceans; the incomprehensible strength of rivers, such as the Mississippi and the great Amazon; and even monstrous waterfalls such as those of Niagara or Victoria. To the credit of Bigar Waterfall however, water seems to move in a different motion. It is a strange phenomenon that one must experience for themselves to fully comprehend and appreciate. The stillness and seemingly microscopic movement portrays water as a delicacy; a pure and affectionate element that is here to be recognized, noticed, and admired beyond all belief. After all, without water our existence would be questionable.”

–Pete D

via [TheEarthStory]

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