Song of the Day: Knock You Out (feat. Emily Haines) by Tiësto – Owen Westlake Remix

Bloody Knuckles by Brian Viveros


Baby… bait you… I’ve been hopeless… I want to … take you out

Owen Westlake

Who are you? I’m just some guy who loves making and listening to music. What sort of music do you make? All sorts really. Propellerhead’s Reason is my bread and butter music app and I have dabbled in most electronic styles from dubstep to hip-hop. House is my absolute favorite kind of electronic music. The vibes on the dance floor when a great house DJ is in the groove simply cannot be beat. Everyone is in such a good space, it’s a beautiful thing to be a part of. Where do you live? I currently live in a small country village, somewhere between London and Brighton. It’s a great place to make music and chill out after the hectic city life injection. Any formal qualifications? I have a degree in Creative Music Technology from Surrey University. I’m not really sure how useful it will be in terms of getting a job, but it definitely deepened my knowledge of music and taught me how to focus and get things done. Where have you played? I haven’t gigged all that much but the times I have played have been a pretty big deal. I’ve DJed at Fabric a couple of times where I supported the likes of Kissy Sell Out, Jaguar Skills and Example. I’ve also played Ministry of Sound where I span house in support of Argentina’s Hernan Cattaneo. These gigs taught me a ton about how to play to a large crowd and through a big system. Mixing gets much more interesting when every single frequency is popping out of the speakers at 100+ dB! What are you up to now? I’m currently working hard on my music and trying to be as productive as possible. Stay tuned for new sounds coming out within the month.”

image  by Brian Viveros

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