Echiura, or spoon worms

“The image shows a thalassematid echiuran from Madang, Papua New Guinea. Echiura, or spoon worms, are a small group of marine animals that are considered to represent derived annelid worms. They have a have a worm-like body with a proboscis that projects forward from its head; in some species this proboscis is many times longer than the rest of the body. The thalassematid echiuran constantly changes its shape: these 6 photos show the same individual. “

Elise Andrew

Image: Arthur Anker

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  1. timbush222 says:

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    I love photos of crazy looking animals I ha never heard of. This one is pretty awesome looking

  2. Woah. So pretty! We are learning about helminths right now and I find them fairly disgusting on the whole. Sometimes their translucent eggs seems pretty, when I squint my eyes, but these are very gorgeous.

  3. says:

    Very cute creatures.

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