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Eye Heart Spleen by Camila Carlow

Lungs “‘Eye Heart Spleen’ is a body of work made out of 13 photographs representing human organs sculpted out of wild plants and weeds foraged in Bristol.  The plants were collected and assembled early in the day, so as to … Continue reading

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Song of the Day: Wade in the Water by Sweet Honey in the Rock

“Wade in the Water” (Roud 5439) is the name of a Negro spiritual first published in New Jubilee Songs as Sung by the Fisk Jubilee Singers (1901) by John Wesley Work II and his brother, Frederick J. Work (see Fisk Jubilee Singers). Lyrics: Refrain: Wade in the Water … Continue reading

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Entomology by Vladimir Stankovic

“My name is Vladimir Stankovic, I’m a graphic designer and illustrator from Serbia, currently based in Rovaniemi, Finland. In my work I try to combine my love and passion towards illustration and graphic design, with the use of both traditional … Continue reading

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Star Wars Snowflakes by Anthony Herrera

Stormtrooper – Download PDF  “Nothing screams holiday more than freshly cut Star Wars snowflakes hanging from the ledges. Thanks to the enormous popularity from last year, I’ve put together even more snowflakes featuring NEW characters and ships. Now you too can cut and craft … Continue reading

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Woodcut Prints by Tugboat Printshop

“We are PAUL RODEN + VALERIE LUETH, and together we are TUGBOAT PRINTSHOP. We have been working together since 2006 as a 2 person artist team specializing in fine art woodcut editions. Start-to-finish, we hand-craft and publish our original woodblock prints from our studios in Lawrenceville, … Continue reading

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Song of the Day: The Viper and other Dixieland music

Dixieland music, sometimes referred to as Hot jazz or Early Jazz, is a style of jazz music which developed in New Orleans at the start of the 20th century, and was spread to Chicago and New York City by New Orleans bands in the 1910s. Well-known jazz standard songs from the Dixieland era, … Continue reading

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Real Men Pose Next to Famous Underwear Ads

“We’ve all seen the dreamy underwear ads where male models show off their chiseled abs and their unnaturally tanned bodies. In this series, Jenny Francis and daily tabloid newspaper The Sun teamed up to show how real men compare to those popular … Continue reading

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Ivan Belikov

 Ivan Belikov is a freelance illustrator from Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation. behance / tumblr / dribbble / twitter

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Origin by the Ninjabot

“The idea behind the  O  R  I  G  I  N  Series was to create a collection of art prints that had a very unique take on the stories of how our favorite characters came to be. Each print has it’s … Continue reading

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Velella Velella

“This is the velella (Velella Velella), a small free floating hydrozoan. It’s currently the only known species in the genus. They’re also known as sea-rafts or by-the-wind-sailors, for the obvious reason that it uses the the “sail” you can see … Continue reading

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