Allegorical Miniatures by Sveta Dorosheva


“Originally from Ukraine and currently based in Israel, Sveta is a freelance illustrator working in the areas of narrative illustration and art for books.
Sveta enjoys traditional drawing by hand, most of her illustrations are works in paper. Her anachronistic style of illustration and symbolic imagery take strong influence from fairy tales, folklore and mythologies.
She considers golden age book illustration to be a huge influence on her work, particularly the illustrations of Edmund Dulac, Kay Nielsen and Harry Clarke. Her research into medieval illuminated manuscripts further informs her visual narrative. Sveta’s intricate compositions reflect her fascination with medieval emblemata and bizarre grotesques. She uses a combination of manuscript decoration and modern day typography to create beautiful lettering and intricate handwritten illustrations. Her detailed illustrations are executed using pen, ink and watercolor or acrylics.”

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A set of miniature allegorical diptychs, drawn in an A5 artist book.

EPSON scanner image


EPSON scanner image

EPSON scanner image

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