What will you leave behind? by Nino Sarabutra

Nino Sarabutra has filled the gallery floor with more than 100,000 miniature porcelain skulls and invites you to walk on them. Entering the gallery, every step you take you will be treading on the skulls, unavoidably. In truth, each step we take brings us one step closer to our own demise, yet we never know which will be our last.

‘I want people to ask themselves how they live, what are they doing
– if today was your last on earth, what will you leave behind?’

Nino asked a range of people to help create the skulls – friends, family, neighbors, students, workers etc. While making them, they were asked to contemplate their life and think about what they will leave behind.

24 January – 3 March, 2013 ARDEL Third Place Gallery,
Thonglor Soi 10, Bangkok
13 September – 13 October 2013 Sundaram Tagore
Gallery, Gillman Barracks, Singapore

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