Architecture by Sunga Park

whitehall street, london

“I currently live and work in Busan, South Korea as a mural wallpaper designer and drawing illustrations for kids in the office. I didn’t have a regular art school education in some reasons. So I can’t tell you what my exact art field is but I want to show you something different.”

Park Sunga


harrods, london


tom gate, oxford

oxford street

yangon, myanmar




qingdao, china





Varanasi, India

Ayasofia, istanbul

sacre-coeur church in montmartre, paris

oxford, uk

Basilica Papale di San Francesco, assisi, italy

via [behance]

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7 Responses to Architecture by Sunga Park

  1. colorsick says:

    this is really lovely. so many times with water media people tend to overkill with information imparted by the media and the imagery, this is very well balanced and admirable.

  2. frankloon says:

    Here, I think out loud:

    To me, there is some kind of order surrounding chaos… On the other hand, it appears there is also some kind of chaos imploding from the figurative order of things – Things are often set in motion or sometimes, they are staying still… The subjects and their cool observers are communing. For me, the hardest part can be to let go of a certain sense of ” perfection ” and accept chaos in creation…

    En bref, J’aime ces illustrations! I really love ’em!

    …but what I really wonder is if letting go was the hardest part for you or is it naturally this easy for you?

    In art perception, my imagination likes to fill the gaps but here…
    There’s no need for filling!
    Sometimes, undone can be done!

    artistically yours,


  3. oolung says:

    stunning – and I think I’m going to experiment and see if I can get inspired by this style.

  4. 2me4art says:

    Stunning, stunning…you are very gifted! ~amy

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