Hard actress by Mink Couteaux

01Hard actress by Mink Couteaux

Mink spent his first years mostly eating paint in his father’s studio,then doodling his way through school, drawing NBA players and team logos copied from his trading card collection. After internships with ATTAK Powergestaltung and Nike Europe he graduated and moved straight to Largetosti. Working on projects for clients in the the likes of NikeW+KBits of FreedomN8 Edits and more! 4 years later in 2013 he started the Merged visible studio. Mink’s work has featured on numerous websites like BehanceComplexDigital Art ServedidnIllustration serveda sporting lifewhudat and more.

And published in books (‘I Amsterdam’. Compiled by Franky & Cindy Liao) and magazines ‘Publish February 2011″,“D-Zone #140 March 2012″, “Charged Magazine issue 05 2012″ and “Rivista Ufficiale NBA February 2013 “


02vHard actress by Mink Couteaux
02Hard actress by Mink Couteaux
03vHard actress by Mink Couteaux
03Hard actress by Mink Couteaux
04vHard actress by Mink Couteaux
04Hard actress by Mink Couteaux05aHard actress by Mink Couteaux05Hard actress by Mink Couteaux06aHard actress by Mink Couteaux06Hard actress by Mink Couteaux
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