Super Mario Brothers Come to Life With Parkour

 super mario brothers come to life with parkour

“Super Mario meets the streets in a new youtube video that superimposes gaming elements and characters from the iconic nintendo series into an incredible gymnastic routine. The video features athletic team Christian Russell and Ronnie Shalvis, who costume themselves as the mustached Mario and Luigi, launching, flipping, and catapulting off various urban obstacles in salt lake city, Utah. The two men use parkour, a form of environment-based gymnastics developed from military obstacle course training, where practitioners quickly move around obstacles using only their bodies and surroundings to propel themselves. Through a collaboration of creative directing, graphic and sound design, they use their extraordinary athleticism in the real world to virtually collect coins, dodge massive fireballs, and smash mushrooms as if competing in a level of the game.”

posted by nina azzarello on designboom

Check out the video of the parkour stunt team hurling over piranha plants and leaping over mystery blocks as super mario characters, below:

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