Rise & Skate // Papercut installation at BordoBello NYC


“Bordo Bello, Italian for “beautiful board”, is a skateboard art show created by the members of AIGA Colorado. This year, the fifth year for the program, the chapter assembled the year’s new artwork along with some of the best work from years past for an exhibit at the AIGA National Design Center Gallery in NYC.

We have been personally associated with the show since 2010 and were the branding artists for the 2011 edition. We were invited to design and create an eye-catching and unforgettable incredible paper sculpture window display. For the exhibit. Mohawk sponsored the sculpture and generously donated all of their amazing range of paper to build the sculpture. We documented the process of meticulously hand-cutting each sheet of paper and lovingly assembling the sculpture in order to bring you a time-lapse video.”

Harikrishnan Panicker’s website
Deepti Nair’s website
via [mymodernmet]

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