Countless Pens Used to Draw Detailed Animals Portraits

New Jersey-based illustrator Tim Jeffs has spent the past year trying to draw intricately detailed animal portraits with nothing more than pens and ink. Originally completing the spectacular sketchbook drawings as a pastime, Jeffs’ son Harrison decided to share his dad’s meticulous craft on reddit. After receiving a great response, Jeffs decided to set up an Etsy shop and continue to expand his portfolio.

The ever-growing collection already includes an impressive number of animals, from a tiger and elephants to numerous rhinos and an iguana. Each new addition, which takes approximately 12 to16 hours on average, offers a special specimen to the artist’s ink zoo that’s full of character and realistic texture. The artistic renderings capture the essence of each creature as well as their distinct features like the furry hair of a bison. The artist says, “Doing artwork is my passion. I love detail. And the more complex, intricate the subject matter the better.”

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Tim Jeffs on Etsy

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