Sugar Series by Emily Blincoe

“My name is Emily Blincoe and Austin, Texas is the place i call home. I really enjoy making images. Portraits tend to be my very favorite.  There’s something about capturing someone just as they are/were at a particular time, I find that charming. I would like to photograph you too. Get in touch (here). You can follow along with day to day stuff through my instagram account (here). Thesewoods gives you bits & pieces of what I do and who I love. It’s my home away from home. You will find photo essays, pancake posts and plenty of portraits of my sweet dog eleanor. Nut most generally, it’s simply where I post what I have been up to so feel free to click around and say hello. I have a lot of big dreams for the next couple of years so stay tuned.”

Emily Blincoe

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  1. Elephant says:

    These are fun! I can imagine the pleasure of getting everything just so by color.

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