Honda, Hands by Jay Harwood

Directors Smith & Foulkes together with Wieden + Kennedy have launched a new set of animated idents for Honda’s sponsorship of Channel 4 documentaries featuring miniature versions of some of the automotive brand’s best-known inventions.
We were responsible for the assembly of the multiple shots, remove props, track all the objects, shade, light and render everything. All of the FX animation, compositing and grading also happened under one roof at Analog. We shared the modeling with Nexus since it was a massive undertaking with so many products. Nexus also provided us with the amazing character animations and the subtle physical secondary movements of the objects.

Director : Smith & Foulkes
Production company : Nexus
Agency : Wieden + Kennedy
Creative directors : Tony Davidson & Kim Papworth
Copywriter : Chris Lapham
Art Director : Aaron McGurk
Producer : James Guy
VFX & Animation : Analog & Nexus
Music + Sound : Factory & Siren

“I recently worked on this project for Smith and Foulkes, Nexus Productions.

My role was to model this motorbike the Fireblade, all from just a couple of reference images.
There were quite a few people working on this project, doing different things, but one of the most impressive was how they shot it all with 3d Printed models. Analog studio tracked them all and then Nexus animated everything. They even animated the hands for better implementation.
Analog textured, lit and comped the rest of the project.
I thought it would be good to show you a couple of behind the scenes shots aswell.”
via [behance]
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