Cut Leaf Art by Lorenzo Duran

“Because of the beauty and mystery that many of us see in the plant leaves and the close relationship between art and the beauty or the unknown, I conclude that human beings have been experimenting with them for centuries, millennia.

First, I collect the leaves which I consider suitable for this work, then I press them until they are dry and ready to be used. I love drawing, so even though technology nowadays is worth for many people I prefer to make the sketches with my own hands. Once I have the final pencil sketch then I fix it to the leaf to be cut, and I start cutting it, separating both things once I finish cutting. Afterwards I start working on the framing step, which consists on doing it just as if I were dealing with pictures, drawings or any other flat visual artwork.”  Lorenzo Duran


 via [designboom]

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  1. Astonishing artwork.

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