Illustrations by Ramona Ring

14Illustrations by Ramona Ring

“I’m Ramona Ring, a freelance illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany. After having landed a major commission from ZEITmagazin, I gained a foot in the door to a career in editorial illustration. Currently I’m working freelance and finishing up my master studies at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg.

I work mainly in the fields of editorial and book illustration, advertising and graphic novels.
Concerning my way of working I’m in love with the combination of handmade drawings and the possibilities of digital editing. Illustrations should ideally open up new dimensions generating a new understanding of the subject matter. Access to writing through pictures is a quite different experience to reading alone. In my opinion a successful illustration captures or captivates the reader. To do this, not only does the subject of the illustration have to be right, so do its colour tones and composition.”
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19Illustrations by Ramona Ring
01Illustrations by Ramona Ring02Illustrations by Ramona Ring03Illustrations by Ramona Ring04Illustrations by Ramona Ring05Illustrations by Ramona Ring06Illustrations by Ramona Ring07Illustrations by Ramona Ring08Illustrations by Ramona Ring09Illustrations by Ramona Ring10Illustrations by Ramona Ring11Illustrations by Ramona Ring12Illustrations by Ramona Ring13Illustrations by Ramona Ring15Illustrations by Ramona Ring16Illustrations by Ramona Ring17Illustrations by Ramona Ring18Illustrations by Ramona Ring20Illustrations by Ramona Ring21Illustrations by Ramona Ring
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