Driftwood Animal Sculptures by James Doran-Webb

James started to design driftwood furniture in 2005 and it was while playing with the various natural forms that he decided to try his hand at making animal sculptures.  His large supply of the wood has made it possible for him to find the pieces of branch which most lend themselves to the natural form and shape needed to give his animals the movement and reality he strives to obtain in every piece he creates.

He now spends as much time as he can spare in his studio. He has six assistants who help him sort and clean the wood, weld the steel frames and generally assist where and whenever they are needed, always under James’ strict instructions and supervision.

“Being that the artist has been creating his works, particularly working with wood, since a young age, he always felt the urge to give back. This year, Doran-Webb has launched a tree planting program, aptly dubbed 80,000 Trees. The artist’s ultimate goal through this personal endeavor is to plant 80,000 trees in Cebu, Philippines (where he is currently based) over the course of five years. The progress of this passion project can be tracked on his blog.” Posted by Pinar 

James Doran-Webb website


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