Pixelated Sculpture of Little Girl Appears at Train Station

Maya is a sculpture which acts as a three-dimensional pixilated portrait. As with a heavily pixelated two dimensional image made of squares, from a distance the sculptures can be easily read. As the viewer gets closer the object appears to fragment into cubes.

The artwork is installated on platform 1 at Bristol Temple Meads train station.

“From the age of 3 my daughter Maya could use an iPhone. For her the technology was like a pencil, just another everyday tool to be used. Born into this world, for her, the digital revolution and the speed of technological development is not yet apparent.” Luke Jerram

This project has stemmed from Jerram’s ongoing research of visual perception and optical illusions. The fact that he is colourblind has given him a natural interest in exploring “the edges of perception”.

To make this artwork Maya was scanned using an Xbox kinect. Her head was scanned at the Machine Vision Laboratory (MVL) within the University of West of England. From there the body scan was then pixelated into cubes known as voxels.Then the model was created from precisely (waterjet) cut, sheets of aluminium. Over 5,000 small, 12mm square coloured stickers were then printed and painstakingly fixed onto this aluminium surface.

Printing was completed at the Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR), University of West of England where Luke Jerram is a Senior Research Fellow.


Centre for Fine Print Research (CFPR) University of West of England.
Gary Atkinson at the UWE Machine Vision Laboratory (MVL)
CAD – Richard de Lancey – Nu Desine
Paul Muncaster and Joss Murray – technicians

Press Coverage
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Public Reaction
Joanna Papageorgiou was one of the first to see the new sculpture after it was revealed – the latest in the Bristol Temple Quarter Commissions.

She said: “I explored Platform 3, all the way from the sign saying Platform 4 to right by Bonaparte’s but failed to spot the 3D sculpture which had been getting so much publicity. I finally asked two members of staff by the ticket barriers and one of the men to pointed to a little girl with a red jumper.”

“There was little to distinguish the child from the people surrounding her but as I moved closer I watched the face become distorted and the body become a little boxy.”

“This most amazing creation seems bewildering even up close.”

“The man next to me was filming her from every position and I could see why; she looks different from all angles. It’s a strange sight to see this pixelated creature made from small cubes; as much beguiling as mesmerising.”

“I hated to leave her.”

Luke Jerram website
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