This is Sparta!!!

“No really, it is.

This photo shows an enchanting pink Sun adorning a speck of green on its upper rim near (you guessed it) Sparta, Greece. The green rim is a result of atmospheric dispersion which can produce separate images of each spectrum colour and result in what is referred to a ‘mock green flash’. The flash appears in the uppermost rim of the Sun as it rises. The flash is caused by a thermal inversion; cool air overlain by warmer air. When the Sun is close to the horizon, the light at the bottom of the Sun is refracted more noticeably than is the top portion due to the denser atmosphere. As a result, if we are lucky, we see a slight distinction between the colors red/yellow (long wavelength) and green (shorter wavelength).”


Photo courtesy of P. Nikolakakos

via [The Earth Story]

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