Random Illustrations by Rafahu

01Random Illustrations by Rafahu

“I am Animator, illustrator and designer in México City. I live drawing and painting everything in my mind.
The illustration and animation are my means of expression, while my work and my life. Seeking to participate in projects that challenge me Offer and the opportunity to bring something new to the medium in which I develop.
I’m available for freelance and commissioned projects.” Rafahu

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02Random Illustrations by Rafahu



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In Mesoamerican mythology, the nagual nagual or an animal that is considered protective spirit of each person.


04Random Illustrations by Rafahu

I made this illustration, thinking of the consequences of the deforestation unconscious on the life of the animals living in forests.

05Random Illustrations by Rafahu


06Random Illustrations by Rafahu

Salsa as background music!

07Random Illustrations by Rafahu

08Random Illustrations by Rafahu

09Random Illustrations by Rafahu


Hindu theology contains a spectacular atmosphere of mysticism. Paintings of Brahma, Shiva, Kali to name a few have such majesty as beauty. In this work, I play a very personal way that Hindu theology projected onto me. Disharmony chords shows the two sides of a god, angry and compassionate, entranced by the melody of a sitar at midnight.

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15Random Illustrations by Rafahu

A god is gone mad for love and lust. He have a women slaves group that enjoy life with him. In that kingdome, only is allows pleasure of fruits

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Two More rounds to go home…
The story of the hard life of a poor fighter


21Random Illustrations by Rafahu


22Random Illustrations by Rafahu


23Random Illustrations by Rafahu

Love takes you to the moon…
Don´t be scared, just feel it

24Random Illustrations by Rafahu


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26Random Illustrations by Rafahu.jpg

The End
Sepvltvs, Iratvs , Omnipotens….After the first hour of the day the world ends, rose angrily fromhis grave, to punish the wretched creature that killed him…
27Random Illustrations by Rafahu
Just a matter of time

She plans, study and prepare herself. For centuries has been hiding in the darkest and nauseating places, while the great human race dominates the world, while they dry the world. These beings, these hominids have amassed such power that could be compared today with the gods themselves, but the same greatness of Homo sapiens can be their doom.

She knows that man is the trigger of his own destruction, and although the land is embroiled in the poisonous air and with no forests and seas, She and her specie will stay here, preparing for when time comes.

Man finishes his world, matter of time.

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29Random Illustrations by Rafahu
Dark colors
Some illos for various projects
30Random Illustrations by Rafahu31Random Illustrations by Rafahu32Random Illustrations by Rafahu
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