Song of the Day: Switzerland by The Last Bison

The Last Bison, formerly known as Bison, is an indie folk band that formed in Chesapeake, Virginia. The Last Bison’s mountain-top chamber music combines elements of alternative indie-folk with classical sensibilities.


We tried to sleep up in the banks of snow
But soon discovered it was far too cold
So we then retreated into town
To find a place where there was level ground

Call home

Oh oh Switzerland
Youʼve taken way my breath now once again
Youʼve left me with a sense of compassion
For the ones who
Cant pick them selves up off the ground

Oh Switzerland
I never thought id have you as a friend
I’m praying it was not at all pretend
I need you now
To help pick me up from off the ground

Our drinks were hardly worth the price we paid
But we thanked God for them anyways and
With five minutes left we broke our backs
To spend more money than either of us had

Call home


The band received airplay on WROX-FM in Norfolk, Virginia. According to James Steele, the station’s program director, “Switzerland”, the first single from their Debut album has prompted the biggest audience response of any tune in his five years at the station.

“If you dig traditional folk instruments, emotionally charged vocals and a band with sound that could fill an entire amphitheatre then you’ve just found yourself a new favorite band. Enter The Last Bison, a seven person ensemble originally from the deep marshes of southeastern Virginia. Folk rock at it’s very best, this group has been compared to the sound of Mumford & SonsFleet Foxes and the Avett Brothers. Listen to this track and you’ll understand exactly what I am talking about.

The poetic lyrics and gold dusted vocals in “Switzerland” will carry you out to a cornfield on a farm somewhere, reminding you that simple, artisan music still exists. The full five minutes of this track are deeply hypnotizing. What makes it that much better is Ben Hardesty’s vocals, especially when uttering the word “Switzerland” over and over again losing his breath while still sounding utterly perfect. The song is off their Inheritance EP, which came out on October 23rd. You can find it on their Soundcloud page. Support the artist and buy yourself the perfect Pumpkin-Spice-latte-sipping music out there.”

Posted by Tessa Schroll  via [themusicninja]

“The band singer once went on a 20 day hiking trip through Switzerland with a group. The first night, the cabin they stayed in didn’t have enough room for everybody in the group, and there was no youth hostel on the mountain where they were, so he and one other person had to sleep on cardboard mats under a hut made of plastic crates. It gave him a new outlook on the plight of the homeless, inspiring him to do more for those without a home… and also inspiring him to write this song.” Dr. Freshey’s Prescription

The Last Bison

Origin Chesapeake, Virginia
Genres Indie folk, Indie rock, folk rock,roots rock
Years active 2010–present
Labels Universal Republic

image by ~ChemicalButterflies

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