Vintage Camera Lens Bracelets by SDPNT

Stefaan has always been passionate about photography, but after traveling the world for a year with his girlfriend and their cameras, he’s really just beginning to understand how much those images will affect the rest of his life. From the creative aspect of taking pictures and capturing memories, to all of the technology that makes it possible, he is fascinated with the medium. For most of the year the pictures they took were the only communication they had with their closest friends and family.

Whether it’s his motorcycle or jewelry, Stefaan simply enjoys working with his hands and appreciates the craft of well-made objects. He’s a bit of a gear-head and loves taking everything apart; it was only a matter of time before he dissected an old camera lens to see what it was made of. Soon thereafter, he started making bracelets out of the aperture and focus rings to give as gifts to his closest friends and family. The bracelets are a constant reminder of the memories that he’s had with those people. He will now be offering them to the public as one-of-a-kind items to be purchased. Enjoy…

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