Illustrations by Lyalya Voronkova (aka A-hour)

Mother Of Dragons – “Daenerys Targarien and her kids.”

Lyalya Voronkova aka A-hour is a young talented artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Deviantart / Instagram

The Queen – “ok, so there’s another part of my personal project based on a fairy tale “Snow Queen” – Snow Queen herself.) I guess it’s not that finished as i wold like it to see, but i must stop meeting this lady in my “process” folder every day”

Deer – “Here’s the first piece of my personal project based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen – “Snow Queen” This guy – is The Deer, a friend of Gerda which is abot to come.)”

SNOWQUEEN: Crows by a-hourSNOWQUEEN: Crows – “This is the part of my personal project based on “Snow Queen”, same as The Deer, and shows two crows, who helped Gegda to find Kai. They are ghosts of murdered lovers – Karl and Clara; their hearts are connected and they can’t fly without each other.”

DUNE: Vladimir Harkonnen – “Here’s my rendition of Frank Herbert’s Dune character – Vladimir Harkonnen. “In Dune, Herbert notes that the Baron possesses a “basso voice” and is so “grossly and immensely fat” that he requires anti-gravity devices known as suspensors to support his weight.” His suit is a conversion of male costume of the beginning of 19th century”



Loves me… Loves me not…

DEATH NOTE: Insomnia

DEATH NOTE: Near by a-hourDEATH NOTE: Near

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