Cut Paper Sculptures by Eric Standley


Eric Standley draws his themes from Islamic and Gothic architecture and art, formed in the 12th century. The technique he follows for the “building” of his works does not differ from that of the ancient craftsman other than he uses lasers in the place of the chisel and hammer. Eric’s work consists of successive layers of intricately cut paper sheets utilizing a laser, thus creating a multifaceted, rich, colorful ensemble. The result is so complex and detailed that the works should be examined from multiple perspectives to be fully appreciated. The bold determination to shift from the permanence and massiveness of stone and the material allure of glass to the instability and familiarity of paper is rewarded by the induced pleasure stimulated while gazing at the work. It is not the quality of the raw material that makes art, but the art that gives quality to the raw material.

Eric’s artworks construct the mosaic of a collective representation of time; time that flows, includes, and accompanies. The time that has gone by, the time we are living in, and the time that will come. This is what defines us as we intervene with its flow. The echo of the past that is articulated is of when material elements existed, but now are lost like that of a dream. Through the suggestibility that his works express, Eric Standley manages to harness time and turn it into a lever of reflection on the riddles of life, as well as a way of reconstructing cultural values.

~ Dr. Patagiotis Kambanis, Museum of Byzantine Culture


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