Ivan Alifan

Porcelain Skin
Oil on canvas 64″ by 48 “

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Ivan Alifan was born in 1989 and raised in Russia, now currently completing his final year at OCAD University majoring in Drawing and Painting. He participated in the Hermitage Museum residency in St. Petersburg, Russia and was part of OCADU’s Off-Campus Studies Program, studying abroad in Florence, Italy. Ivan has participated annually in Art Expo New York since 2008.

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Oil on canvas
“Obedient Wife”
60″ by 48″ inch

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“Did another shoot with my friend Kayla. She wasn’t pleased when I was pouring cold liquid paint on her for an hour. I really started to love painting these sensual white figures that I believe I’m going to make a full collection (new years resolution) . I actually added “2013 paintings” section on my website come check it out (www.ivanalifan.com) ! Can’t wait to make more ! I would like to paint men for my next work in the same position and see how the concept would change. ” Ivan Alifan


“Ceramic Skin”
oil on canvas
60″ by 48″ inch

03Ivan Alifan


Oil on Canvas
30″ by 24″

“I was practicing how to paint using a mother colour pallet which was grey and purple that was added to every colour and avoiding using pure colours from the tube. I was trying to imitate this photographic muted light quality that I saw in old Polaroids.” Ivan Alifan


“Memories smell like flowers”
Oil on Canvas
40″ by 30″inch

“I painted one of my fav photographs from Nadya Kulikova [link]. This painting was great lesson in terms of light, transparency and using limited amount of colours, not to mention curtains !. I still look back at this piece and wish I could have improved some stuff, lines for one thing.” Ivan Alifan


Oil Painting Process Tutorial

“I learned to paint simply by looking. If your wondering what happens in my head on each of the panels. Nothing ! I’m listening to my music. I hear this a lot from one of my favorite artists who say “When you paint, let go everything you know about painting”. It took me a while to fully understand what they meant.

“Blind energy” is a good thing. When one begins to paint, everything you know should disappear and the emotional side should take over.” Jeanean Songco Martin

I really didn’t feel like covering my process with useless information to make this a proper tutorial. It’s not what goes on inside my head. I simply paint what I see, not what I know.

Guidelines, ideal proportions and premade compositions that they teach us in our art school they become more a distraction for an artist. If you can let that go maybe this tutorial might not be so useless after all”  Ivan Alifan

“Modern Dorathy”
Oil on canvas,
30″ by 24″

Check out his other works on his site.

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