Italian in 10 Minutes

If you think that italian is an easy language, it means that you know only the 10% of this language.

“The verbs are a nightmare, syntax is a million miles away from English, and pronunciation and emphasis so hard to learn. There are also many tenses that do not exist in English (as there are in English that do not exist in other languages.)

That said though, it is a musical language, and it helps you to understand the origins of 50% (+/-) of English. (The other 50% being German/Saxon)”

But if you have difficulty to learn the language, you can learn the gestures.

Why do italian people use so many gestures when they speak?

Italy is a country with a long history of trading with other peoples. A country surrounded by water, it’s famous for the merchant ports of Venice, Genoa and Naples, and there have been various wars and foreign rule throughout the history of the peninsula.
All of this mixing with other populations resulted in a need for the Italian people to be able communicate with others who don’t speak their own language. One place to start is to use hand gestures to get your point across. Nowadays, gesturing is really part of the Italian language. Hand gestures are used to compliment spoken language very often, and can even be used to replace words.

And this is why italian seems a easy language, italians are so used to speak with foreigners that you can communicate with them without known their language. ( obviously this don’t means you are speaking italian ) XD


by Carlo Aurucci




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