2 movies in 1 sentence

If you distill a movie down to a single-sentence plot synopsis, you may be happily amused to discover that there are other seemingly unrelated movies that turn out to be basically the same story. Some examples…

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An old man stops trusting the community and befriends a youth who once bothered him before taking matters into his own hands.



A man goes on a long journey to deliver a package



A cowboy must deal with an unwelcome alien.



The hero’s life is tested when his/her alternate personality gets a little too overwhelming.



An orphan discovers he has magic powers and saves the world.



A reluctant hero competes for the freedom of his/her people and inspires them to believe they are strong enough to defeat their foes.



A disgraced professional guard proves himself worthy after he becomes the only one who can save a group of hostages.



The hero has to go to a different world for the opportunity to walk, and he/she risks being ostracized if he/she decides to stay.



An outsider goes to great lengths to make friends, alienating the ones who love him/her most in the process.



A father vows to get his child/children back no matter the cost.


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