Illustrations Vs Real World

Have you ever wanted to interact with characters of a movie or a comic?

Beijing-based chemical engineering student and talented illustrator Gaikuo-Captain re-imagines himself in precarious situations straight out of a comic book. The artist’s playful images offer a range of action with some familiar faces from popular comic books, anime, and manga. Whether he’s duking it out with Captain America and getting scorched by Charizard or simply taking a selfie with the Joker, the creative illustrator keeps things interesting.

Gaikuo-Captain’s creations combine pop culture favorites and offer a whimsical look at the artist creatively interacting with his drawings. Each character the young artist has chosen for his collection is a carefully selected reflection of his taste, as he is a big fan of comic book culture. Interestingly enough, the series was never truly planned in advance. What began as an attempt to create a cool profile picture for his Weibo account turned into this ongoing project that has garnered the attention of many on the internet.


Gaikuo-Captain portfolio

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3 Responses to Illustrations Vs Real World

  1. Smash says:

    Amazing photos! I love the first one with Batman and the Pokemon one. Really incredible work.

  2. iangoldsmith says:

    It’s a brave young man that draws himself into a fight with the Batman 🙂

  3. G. Olivo says:

    This are gorgeous! Very clever!

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