Riusuke Fukahori

This gallery shows the layer technique used by the artist Riusuke Fukahori 深堀隆介. Transparent liquid resin – mixed with a hardener or catalyst – is poured. When the resin has set into a solid, the surface is painted with acrylic paint. By repeating this process, the artist is able to create three dimensional sculptural pieces.

This demonstration only shows the layers being created. The artist also uses more traditional painting skills to enhance the 3D effect. These include representations of shading and reflection, feathering soft edges, controlling the opacity of the paint to include semi-transparent areas, and using the textures of the paint and brush work to mimic the natural veining and fine structures of the goldfish and flora he represents. The overall effect is “photorealistic”, or like a full colour hologram.

 Riusuke Fukahori

If you still not believe it, watch this video.

You can see many more images via his Facebook

photos by Dominic Alves.

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