Hypnotizing Optical Illusion GIFs Made with Tape

New York-based street artist Aakash Nihalani, who works primarily with tape in public spaces, has taken his creative landscape indoors with a new set of animated GIFs that incorporate his signature blend of optical illusion and fun. Nihalani’s geometric street art is known to play with perspective using bright, neon tape, but this new venture into digitized motion is another chapter of the artist’s work that leaves room for more imaginative experimentation. Luckily, Nihalani is full of creative ideas.

With color stripped away—working with a simple monochromatic scheme of black tape on a white wall—and only his geometric forms and hands to fill the frame, the artist manages to keep his pieces playful and entertainingly hypnotizing. Nihalani accomplishes so much with so little and his clever interactions with the masking tape creations make them all the more deceptive to the eye. It’s as if he is actually spinning a pinwheel and smashing a three-dimension box into pieces.

via www.mymodernmet.com

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