Cosmic Hues and Incredible Details in Pencil Drawings by Georgina Kreutzer

These vibrant, hyperrealistic pencil drawings are by Australian artist Georgina Kreutzer.
Kreutzer uses a combination of watercolor paints and colored pencils to create a series of drawings with cosmic hues and incredible details.

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Famous Historical Paintings of Flowers Recreated in Real Life by Makoto Azuma

Drop Time” is an exhibition by Japanese flower artist Makoto Azuma in collaboration with the Pola Museum of Art in Hakone.
For the past 3 years Makoto Azuma has been creating these duplicates of famous flower paintings using real flowers.

Azuma has chosen 3 bouquets from paintings housed in the Pola Museum of Art’s collection (one by Renoir, another by Odilon Redon and a third by Kuroda Seiki) and created an incredible video that begins with the original painting and then morphs into the real bouquet as it begins to wilt.

The exhibition “Drop Time” will be on display at the Pola Museum of Art now through March 17, 2019.

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Song of the Day: Worldwide Choppers by Tech N9ne (feat Busta Rhymes, Ceza, D-Loc, JL B.Hood, Twista, Twisted Insane, U$O and Yelawolf)

“Worldwide Choppers” is a multilingual song (that includes English, Danish and Turkish) by American rapper Tech N9ne featuring Busta Rhymes, Ceza (Turkish lyrics), D-Loc, JL B.Hood, Twista, Twisted Insane, U$O (Danish lyrics) and Yelawolf.

This powerful song is noted for its breakneck flows packing rhythmic, rapid-fire rap.

Lyrics on Genius.

The word “chopper” refers to a genre of fast-paced rap, a style of Midwest hip hop called indeed chopper. This “chopper style” was popularized by Tech N9ne  among his fan base in the late 1990s.

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Beauty, Fashion and Darkness by Mahyar Kalantari

Mahyar Kalantari is a fashion illustrator based in Ankara, Turkey, and these are his mesmerizing digital artworks.

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Enchanting Paintings of South Korea’s Small Convenience Stores by Me Kyeoung Lee

South Korean artist Me Kyeoung Lee created these enchanting paintings of tiny bodegas discovered on her travels around her home country.
She’s spent the past 20 years depicting these mini-corner shops, many of which are now disappearing.

There were not many things to see and play like these days,” Me Kyeoung Lee reminisces, “but there was a time when I was happy to have a coin in my hands and run to a shop and hang out with friends gathered in front of it.”

Website / Artsy

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Blink. And They’re Gone: The World’s Last Tribes Captured by Jimmy Nelson

Mask Dancers, Paro, Bhutan

Blink. And They’re Gone is a campaign to preserve cultural diversity and to fight for the preservation of cultural heritage.

This incredible short film features a mesmering montage of 1500+ of Jimmy Nelson’s photographs, which capture 36 of the last indigenous communities (including the Huli Wigmen from Papua New Guinea, the Kazakhs of Mongolia, the Sadhus of India, and the Wodaabe from Chad) in all their glory.

“The film, directed by JWT India’s CCO, Senthil Kumar together with J. Walter Thompson’s global creative lead Bas Korsten, took 90 days to edit, and features only a fraction of the 100,000 images Nelson has shot over the last 30 years.”  shots

Hakamou’i, Ua Pou, Marguesas Islands, French Polynesia

Yang Shuo Cormorants, China

Samburu Tribe, Kenya

Perak Women, Thikse Monastery, Ladakh, India

Vaioa River, Atuona, Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia

Khoyor Tolgoi Hill, Altan Tsogts County Bayan Ulgii Provence, Mongolia

Huli Wigmen, Ambua Falls, Tari Valley, Papua New Guinea

Ni Vanuatu Men Rah Lava Island, Torba Province Vanuatu Islands

Tarangire, Rift Escarpment, Tanzania

Ganges, Haridwar, India

Ndoto Mountain Range, Kenya

Angge Village, Upper Mustang Nepal

Te Aroha Mikaka & Sky Bay Of Islands, Haruru Falls, North Island, New Zealand

Likekaipia Tribe Ponowi Village, Jalibu Mountains, Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea

Uramana Clan, Amuioan, Tufi, Papua New Guinea

Miao Village, Liu Pan Shui, Gui Zhou, China

Paro Pass, Bhutan

Mount Bosavi Waterfall, Papua New Guinea

Korcho Village, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Lake Argentino / Cerro Christal On Horizon Patagonia, Argentina

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Cristian Marianciuc Creates More Amazing Paper Cranes with Feathery Details

Since when paper artist Cristian Marianciuc achieved the ambitious objective to complete 1,000 origami cranes in 1,000 days (2015), his skills have improved day by day.

These Marianciuc’s more recent cranes showcase his eye for detail, creative use of color, and imaginative approach to traditional origami.

I never stopped folding and decorating new ones. It just wasn’t on a daily basis anymore,” he tells My Modern Met.With this newly-found lack of time restraints, I focused more on exploring themes as techniques that I had wanted to explore but just didn’t have the time to do so.

”I’m still just as fascinated with the art of origami, its symbolism and history, still as obsessed with flight and wings and feathers, I thoroughly enjoy giving myself the time to create at a slower pace, and I am finding that I am able to listen much more closely to my instinct.

Facebook / Instagram / Etsy


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Poem of the Day: from Kokoro by Natsume Soseki

“I often laughed, and you often gave me a dissatisfied look, till you pressed me to unfold my past before you as if it were a roll of pictures. It was then I felt respect for you. Because you unreservedly showed me your resolution to catch something alive in my being, and to sip the warm blood running in my body, by cutting my heart. At that time, I was still living, and did not want to die. So I rejected your request, promising to satisfy you some day. Now I am going to destroy my heart myself, and pour my blood into your veins. I shall be happy if a new life can enter into your bosom, when my heart has stopped beating.”

 Natsume Soseki

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Realistic Egyptian Gods by Wietze Fopma

These incredible, and a little bit creepy, concept artworks are by Wietze Fopma, a freelance creature and concept designer based in Harlingen, Netherlands.

How many egyptian gods did you recognize?

Artstation / Instagram


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Photographer Takes Stunning Photos of Himself Petting his Dog Wherever He Goes

Tired Of #FollowMeTo Instagram Pics?

Freelance photographer Honza Řeháček combines his passions for adventures in to the wild, photography, and his four-year-old Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Sitka, to creates these series of amazing photos.

Honza and Sitka have been travelling around the Czech Republic and Poland taking some super cute photos that became a better version of #FollowMeTo trend.

Honza said to Metro: “I used to work three jobs to keep my photography dream alive.”

“At some points I lived in a caravan I would only eat bread, but I always made sure Sitka was well fed.

“I promised him that he will live the best life a dog could possibly live, because he completely changed my life.”

“The most beautiful moments I’ve experienced in the days I’ve had the last few pennies in my pocket.”

Read more:

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